first post

this is just a placeholder for now…  but if you are wondering, I’m in the UK and Ireland for the summer, intending to return to the US in the Fall.



~ by lukewarming on June 20, 2008.

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  1. Life produces death, we eat therefore we live, thus we continue to kill. Well as you said in this process we also scatter seed etc. I too am a vegan. Breathing itself creates death of many molecules. If we choose to starve to death in order to not kill we pass on and in this act our molecular being dies and discontinues it’s life bearing of other molecular life. Just the act of dieing,falling over to the ground,this is killing the invisible cells we fall upon. Thus in dieing we are also killing, their is no escape life is the beginning of death. Life in itself produces life as well as death. As we live and breathe we create heat friction this makes molecules hot horny and mate and life continues. However as we breathe we are killing infinite amounts of cellular life. Truly their is no escape life and death are synonomus are one. I am a vegan because at this juncture I simply can. I do feel a plant feels pain as well as all creation. However for me at this intellectual level of my life animals and creatures that I can denote a face etc. I find these more painful to my living psyche.

  2. Life matters. To my being, life is a gift which i cherish and shall defend it. I will scream out loud and my pleas shall be heard if someone attempts to take life from me. I have a voice therefore i will use it in order to protect myself. Non human animals are voiceless. Their prayers are rarely heard, so i, shall be their voice. I have the chance to make my life count. And Luke, my life counts. By breathing we kill cellular life, but i cannot go on on living without breathing. But i can go on on living without eating animal corpses and their excrements. And as an ethical vegan, i shall go on fighting and go on on living…

    Thinking of you….xxx

  3. french press instruction…

    […]first post « Luke’s Blog[…]…

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